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Uthman Ibn Affan Trust Limited

شركة عثمان بن عفان الخيرية المحدودة


Uthman Ibn Affan Trust is currently at the research phase and we are preparing for number of projects, which will be launched soon.


  1. Najeh for Education without Borders: Education programme the refugees worldwide.
  2. Online 'Arabic School' for teaching and promoting the Arabic langauge
  3. World Association of Academic Colleges (WAAC)
  4. Awqaf/Waqf projects
  5. International development, relief and capacity building projects.
  6. Cooperative learning projects for refugees
  7. Curriculum Decvelopment Projects
  8. Projects for promoting excellence in education
  9. Innovation and leadership in education
  10. Orphans' education and orphans' support.